Yukon’s Gold Medium Roast

Yukon’s Gold was an inspiration from our wonderful doggy. Yukon loves chasing squirrels, and hates lawnmowers but loves his family.

Yukon’s Gold is a medium roast coffee with notes of citrus and chocolate. If Yukon was able to drink this coffee, he would give these four paws up.


One of our signature blends, Yukon’s Gold is a medium-dark roasted coffee with flavors of chocolate and citrus. It has a sweet aroma, rich finish, and smooth body that make it the perfect cup of morning espresso or afternoon java. The beans are sourced from family farms in Central and South America, then skillfully blended in small batches to ensure quality. If Yukon was able to drink this coffee, he would give this coffee four paws up.

– Beans from Central & South America
– Medium Roast
– Delicious notes of chocolate & citrus
– Bold flavor and balanced sweetness combinations
– Tasting notes can be identified in every sip
– Smooth texture without too much acidity
– Crafted with pride 

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