Whoa, Dude! Espresso Blend

Our most popular coffee that everyone enjoys. The reason is because of the way we roast it, we finish the roast right before the coffee gets to the stage of the dark roast which leads to the yucky chard and oily coffee which has a really heavy, unpleasant mouthfeel. Smokey but has a nice balanced baker’s chocolate and hints of caramel with a nice sweetness at the finish.


Whoa, Dude Espresso Blend is our signature espresso roast: bold, balanced, and with a hint of complex sweetness. Created for those who like to take their coffee black and appreciate the complexity of an Italian pull. Rich dark chocolate, molasses, and nutty caramel awaken the palate.

– Dark roasted to reveal subtle notes of chocolate and caramel
– Bold body with a smooth finish
– Perfectly balanced acidity
– Get your daily dose of caffeine kick
– Enjoy a creamy texture and smooth finish in every sip
– Add depth to your favorite espresso recipes

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