Third Wave Water Espresso Profile




The Key is in the Water: Coffee is 98% water so, it makes sense that the quality of your H2O makes an impact on your favorite cup of Joe.

Third Wave Water Espresso Profile is specifically formulated to bring out the best flavors in your coffee while protecting your equipment from mineral scale. With added magnesium for sweetness, calcium for a balanced body and dash of sodium for a smooth finish; Third Wave Water will bring out the best flavors in your coffee.


The Espresso Profile balances the flavor of your coffee with the unique water requirements found in espresso machines. This profile utilizes the magnesium and calcium to bring out your coffee’s natural flavors while adding potassium bicarbonate to help reduce metal corrosion under the machines high pressure. Scientifically balanced to minimize lime scale buildup and reducing the potential of metallurgical corrosion, Espresso Profile is the go to water for any espresso machine.

Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements include 12 one gallon packets.

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