Mark and Rene Bennett – Bennett Urban Farm Store

This weekend on Nov. 6th at The Vault (350 East Main Street, Hillsboro, Or) the Bennett Urban Farm Store is hosting Coffee Fair 2022.  From 10 AM to 2 PM those in attendance will be able to smell, taste, and learn about Specialty Coffee from 7 knowledgeable local roasters.  The event will feature the roasters who will bring their best bean forward for sampling, sales, and more.  This will be your chance to know all you ever wanted to know about coffee!  Learn about how this liquid gold goes from bush to beans and from roasting to the cup.

Tasters will vote on their favorites and the victorious will be named!  There is a small entry fee of $5.  Come early and get powered up for your Sunday!  Two of the best roasters in the business, Mark and Renee Bennett of Bennett Urban Farm Store, and Keri Elliott Elliott and Murrey Coffee Roasters, will be on hand.  The roasting process is quite fascinating and you will learn why you might like some coffee better than others and what it takes to make a great cup!

Read More about it on the Hillsboro Herald Website:

Keri Elliott- Elliott & Murrey Coffee Roasters

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