As a coffee roaster I get asked many questions about coffee because well…. we are the experts of coffee are we not?

1. Should I put coffee in my coffee in the fridge or freezer?

I’ve have had that question asked a lot and the answer ” it depends” and i’ll tell you why.

Pre-ground coffee allows the coffee to start the oxidation process to begin. It allows the coffee to release the flavor and aroma over time. When ground coffee is exposed to oxygen it alters the flavor profile.

We pre-grind coffee into our bags that have a degassing valve. The degassing valve allows the co2 to be released s-l-o-w-l-y so flavor and aroma is still fresh. Best to leave coffee in a air sealed container or in the bag with the degassing valve.

There are coffee experts in the industry who vacuum seal whole bean coffee and put it in the freezer. You could do this but you would have measure out the beans, grind and brew immediately – So don’t take a whole bag of coffee and vacuum seal it. If you did this you would risk moisture to get onto the coffee beans which dissolves oil in coffee and end up have one funky cup of coffee.

A good read about freezing coffee

2. What is the best method to brew coffee ?

It’s confusing, there are many ways to brew coffee. The real question is, What Brew method is going to give me the best coffee profile ?

I have tried almost every method of brewing coffee. Drip coffee maker, French Press, Chemex etc., I have had my waves or periods of time on when I rotate brewing methods. Maybe for a month I use a French Press or the next month it is a pour over yada, yada.

Most Americans use a drip coffee machine which does the job… kinda. When it comes to extraction it fails miserably, to achieve the best cup of coffee you have to make sure that the beans are entirely soaked to really get the full flavor of the coffee your brewing. The problem is that when it comes to a basic Mr.Coffee drip coffee maker or lets say a basic hotel coffee maker is that the beans don’t all get soaked.

What happens is that you taste water down coffee like diner coffee for say. You have to ensure that you balance out water to coffee ratio to ensure the best cup of coffee. You don’t have to throw out your drip coffee maker because i said so. It all comes down to brew to water ratio when it comes to making the best cup of coffee.

This chart below from simplifies not only the brew to water ratio but also what grind setting would be best. Your grind setting is key to ensuring the best cup of coffee ever!

Personally for me I brew coffee using a Hario V60 (see picture below) . Hario is a glass company in Japan that handcrafts their pour over products. Why a pour over? I choose to brew my coffee this way because I have control over how much water i put in and achieve a kick ass cup of coffee each time.

What’s your secret ???

It is really no secret, again it comes to water to brew ratio. For me personally i do like a strong cup of coffee – I use 30 grams of coffee and 350 grams of water and that is what I like.

Before you dump your coffee into a dry filter you have to pre soak the filter. This applies to Chemex, Drip Coffee maker and Pour over – when you pre soak the filter you clear out any paper-y taste and it cleans the filter.

After I do that I put my beans in and make what is called a birds nest. I take my finger and stick it in the middle of the ground coffee, then I make a little hole in the middle. I do this so when I do pour the water in the pour over cone this ensures all the beans are soaked and I’m extracting every once of beans in my filter. I then start what is called the ” Bloom ” where I pour about …. oh… 25 grams of water into the coffee to allow the aroma and flavors to open and extract.

Now the fun part. I carefully pour the rest of my water using a goose neck water kettle into my pour over going clockwise and counter clockwise until I achieve my 350 grams of water. As the water starts to drip I gently swirl my pour over to allow the water and the coffee to evenly extract into pour over. I try to make sure that no beans are clump, stuck on the filter and the beans to nice and flat once the water has extracted all of the coffee.

To sum everything, in a nutshell, the best way to get a kick-ass cup of coffee

Water + Coffee + Grind setting + Brew ratio = Kick ass cup of coffee.

Grab a bag of coffee and start brewing

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