Elliott & Murrey participated in Coffee Fest 2022 hosted by Mark and Rene Bennett from Bennett Urban Farm Store in Hillsboro, Oregon on November 6th, 2022. Six local coffee roasters participated in the event Capitol Press Coffee Co., Blind Coffee Roasters, North Fresh Coffee, Bennett Urban Farm, and Vik Roasters. The event was open to the public to gather and taste coffee, talk to the roasters themselves and participate in the blind tasting to vote for the Best Coffee! There were over 100 people who attended the event and it was a huge success!

It was a fantastic event and best of all, Elliott & Murrey took the 1st Place spot and won Best Coffee! Emu Is Emo, our light roast coffee, was the coffee submitted to the competition. We had a lot of fun and hope to see you all next year! You can see the article from The Hillsboro Herald about the recap right here: http://hillsboroherald.com/local-roasters-put-on-great-event-at-the-vault/

  • Emu is Emo Light Roast
    Emu is Emo Light Roast

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