Why should I buy coffee from you?

” Why should I buy coffee from you instead of getting it from the grocery store? “ – a random person.   This question still irks me to this day but not as much as It did when I started Elliott & Murrey. Over the past couple of years, I have pondered this question, trying […]

Elliott & Murrey featured in April 2021 Cedar Mill News

In 2019, this women-owned business first operated from home as a hobby, roasting their coffee beans in local shops around the Portland area. They had a booth at the Cedar Mill Farmers Market, where they developed the Cedar Mill Blend, with a flavor profile of chocolate, vanilla, sugarcane, and hints of dried fruit. This is […]

Elliott & Murrey News Article

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Check out this news article ‘ Discover a Fantastic Woman-Owned Cafe and Roastery in Hillsboro ‘ about us! https://www.newsbreak.com/oregon/hillsboro/news/2165639549635/discover-a-fantastic-woman-owned-cafe-and-roastery-in-hillsboro?s=mp_561449

Whipped Coffee? Dalgona Coffee Craze 2020

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I saw, I made, I conquered. #whippedcoffee So I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been watching TV and YouTube talking about Whipped Coffee. I’ve seen it made on social media like TikTok how it is made. Anything coffee we have to try! So this is how I did it – The Recipe 2 […]

Building a Roastery & Cafe during COVID-19

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So here we are, first day of April 2020 – Currently there are many businesses closing down due to COVID-19. Many local restaurants, bars and even coffee shops are struggling to survive during this crisis. Their is a upswing to this situation, we are coffee roasters, we are considered a food manufacturing establishment meaning we […]