Why should I buy coffee from you?

” Why should I buy coffee from you instead of getting it from the grocery store? “ – a random person.   This question still irks me to this day but not as much as It did when I started Elliott & Murrey. Over the past couple of years, I have pondered this question, trying […]

Elliott & Murrey featured in April 2021 Cedar Mill News

In 2019, this women-owned business first operated from home as a hobby, roasting their coffee beans in local shops around the Portland area. They had a booth at the Cedar Mill Farmers Market, where they developed the Cedar Mill Blend, with a flavor profile of chocolate, vanilla, sugarcane, and hints of dried fruit. This is […]

Elliott & Murrey News Article

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Check out this news article ‘ Discover a Fantastic Woman-Owned Cafe and Roastery in Hillsboro ‘ about us! https://www.newsbreak.com/oregon/hillsboro/news/2165639549635/discover-a-fantastic-woman-owned-cafe-and-roastery-in-hillsboro?s=mp_561449