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Keri Elliott, Owner and Head Roaster

Started in 2019, Keri started roasting coffee as a hobby at home not thinking that her hobby would not only be a business but a passion as well. Overtime Keri started giving sample family, friends and all the sudden … Elliott & Murrey was born.

Elliott & Murrey is actually one person – Keri Elliott. Murrey is actually Keri’s Maiden Name, in fact, Keri’s family had a successful business in the bowling and billiard industry in Los Angeles, California called Murrey International. ( If you have seen the movie Color of Money, you will see Murrey Pool Tables throughout the whole entire film.)

Coming from a family who owned a successful business and experience as a Starbucks barista it was only natural for Keri to continue on carrying the entrepreneurial spirit in the coffee industry. Elliott & Murrey provides quality specialty coffee by focusing on establishing relationships directly with coffee producers and importers with ethical trade practices, sustainability and education programs for all.

Elliott & Murrey also works with local communities to provide support for all families & businesses including the LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Women-Owned.